How You Can Help

Raise Public Awareness and apply pressure to sluggish governing agencies by writing a letter to the editor of the Garden Island Newspaper, Mayor Carvalho, the planning commission, DLNR. For example: Demand that Laura Thielen, BLNR chair, put the appeal on the Board’s agenda as soon as possible.

Attend Sunday 11:00 am gatherings on Larsen’s beach to get the latest accurate update, co-create community action plans, and pray together with others who love Ka’aka’aniu.

Legal Defense: We are in urgent need of donations to pay the lawyers who are appealing DLNR’s permit approval for cattle fencing that will block lateral access and vegetation removal that is now impacting critical habitat for endangered Hawaiian monk seals, green sea turtles, and albatross. There are two ways to make a tax-deductible donation:

Donate to Kauai Sierra Club using Paypal

Or write a check to “Sierra Club Foundation” and mail to: Sierra Club Kaua’i Group, P.O. Box 3412, Lihue, HI 96766. Designate “Lepeuli defense.”

Help put on a Fundraiser to cover costs of legal appeal. Call isa at 652-6139 or to lend a hand.

Mahalo to all who have generously given donations enabling us to begin taking legal action! Mahalo to Ron Mayer for designing this website. Mahalo to the tireless activists who have given months of their lives to research, documentation, communication with lawmakers and landowners, and the frontline work of protecting Ka’aka’niu.
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