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Paradise Ranch is a federally funded project


The USDA/NRCS has funded Paradise fence project on Waioli Corps land in Lepeuli.

This $73 EQIP Conservation Management plan is designed to “enhance naupaka” while potentially harming  Hawaiian Monk seals, green sea turtles, Laysan albatross and other sea birds. How can this be?

Because this is a federal project consideration must be made for negative impacts of this project including SECONDARY and CUMULATIVE impacts.  Special care must be taken not to cause impact to traditional, cultural, racial and socio-economic groups ANTECEDENT (before) any impacting action.  Environmental Justice concerns must be considered – lie disproportionate impacts to native Hawaiian and other traditional fishing communities.  A Section 7 (Endangered and Threatened Species) and Section 106 (Historical) consultation with appropriate agencies must be performed.

Secondary impacts of this project include the loss of an ancient trail and cultural byway, extirpation of endangered and threatened species from ths site, conversion of native plant communities into commercial cattle pasture,  negative impacts of erosion and manure and destruction of burials and archaeological sites by cattle.

Cumulative impacts include theft of our trail system reef destruction and erasing an important chapter of Kauai history and  further assault on Hawaiian culture.

Please write NRCS (the funding agency) and request this project be reviewed immediately.  There are so many serious errors and omissions it cannot continue


Lihue Service Center

Lex Riggle, District Conservationist

4334 Rice Street Room 104

Lihue, HI  96766-1801

808-245-9014 X 101;

USDA Contacts

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Pacific Islands Area State Office

P.O. Box 50004

Honolulu,HI   96850-0050

Lawrence T. Yamamoto, Director;

Kathleed Dobler, Assistant Director;

Jeffrey Harlow, Assistant Director for Programs;

Ben Schmidt, Assistant Director for Field Operations;

Ted McArthur, Area Resource Conservationist;

Jeffrey Pantaleo, Cultural Resources;

Phil Cherry, State Agromonist;

Anthony Ingersoll, Assistant Director for Resorce Technology;

Please write Waoli Corp and tell them about their errant lessee Bruce Laymon of Paradise Ranch

Waioli Corps Board of Directors

Robert Schleck CEO

1. Lindsay A. Faye

2. CW Spitz,

3. Bonnie Lake

4. Gaylord Wilcox

5. Shirley Iha

6. Andy Bushnell

7. Allan Smith

8. Patsy Sheehan

9. Ruth Smith

10. Diane Zachary

11. Pam Dohrman

12. Kathy Richardson



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