Posted by: lokahipath | January 21, 2011

New Fenceposts in Lepeuli Alaloa

Yesterday, Jan. 19th , Paradise Ranch began installing fenceposts in the middle of the ancient coastal Alaloa, as part of their cattle pasture expansion project, after surrendering their CDUP for fencing in the Conservation District.Right in the middle of the historc trail.

New Fenceposts in Alaloa.

Many mistakenly believed that Paradise Ranch’s plans for the makai portion were over.  Not so.  They merely pulled their Conservation District permit and then interpreted where the Conservation District begins and the Ag Zone ends.

Conservation Districts were designed to protect resources.  Owners of large properties, like Waoli Corporation, should honor those resources by trying to preserve them, not encouraging and enabling commercial cattle pasture expansion in native coastal plant commutes hosting endangered species.

Write Acting Planning Director Michael Dahilig,requesting immediate revocation of SMA (M)

Michel Dahilig





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