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Mahalo ke Akua.

Mahalo ke Akua.

Yesterday’s BLNR meeting brought surprises. Even though the listed agenda item was to decide the merits of holding a Contested Case hearing on the CDUP 3525, OCCL Administrator Sam Lemmo recommended the BLNR accept the surrender of the permit.

Paradise Ranch attorney and the AG’s office are preparing documents for the judge’s signature to finalize this surrender.

Several important questions still exist

• What is necessary to secure the Alaloa?

• What is the status of $10 easement, created as a condition of this permit?

• Why has the County of Kauai failed to maintain the County Right of Way in Lepeuli?

• What is the status of the NRCS funding to Paradise Ranch that was dependent upon receiving CDUP?

• How do we correct the misstatements, errors and omissions to the knowledge and history of Lepeuli, acknowledging kuleana, residents and Japanese Camp history?

• How would an accurate Habitat Conservation Plan honoring the threatened and endangered species be prepared?

• How could a Cultural impact Assessment be performed with meaningful involvement by cultural users, now, in this late stage of this project?

• How can a current Shoreline Certification be obtained to determine where Public land ends and private lands begin?

• How can the SMA – Minor be made to honestly reflect conditions at Lepeuli? Revoke and start over as Major? With a Public Hearing on Kauai.

• Why have these decisions been made without a chance for meaningful participation by community members on Kauai?

• How has the public access been locked up on Schoolhouse Road? What happened to the original mauka/makai road between Lepeuli and Waipake?

• Why is there no Burial Treatment Plan for the 3 known re-burials in close proximity to public trails?

• How many Conservation District violations by Paradise Ranch will it take before DLNR pays attention? 4 more???!!! Why are the fines always reduced?

• Where does the CD end and the Ag zone begin? Where is the Alaloa in relation to this border?

These questions must be answered. Questions and comments can be written to:
Mayor Bernard Carvalho,;
County Council;

Acting Plannnig Director Michael Daligdig

William J. Aila Jr.
DLNR Chairperson
Kalanimoku Building
1151 Punchbowl St.
Honolulu, HI 96813
Ph: (808) 587-0400

Sam Lemmo

Na Ala Hele Trail System

Tim and Hope Kallai, Malama Moloa`a



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