Posted by: lokahipath | August 27, 2010

Who Can Go?

The new easement acquired for $10 at Lepeuli is not such a good deal. It cannot be made ADA accessible. It is not family friendly. It is restrictive to the very young and the old. It is not an all-weather access. It is an erosion problem.

Out of a typical Kauai population of 10 beachgoers you would probably find
a mom and dad
a surfer
a person with different walking needs
people of different shapes and sizes
somebody carrying a bunch of junk or a cooler
a parent with a baby
a handicapped person
an elderly person

Out of these 10 people not everybody could go to Larsen’s Beach on all the trails. I don’t consider the Alaloa a wheelchair accessible trail but I have seen people in chairs on it (not alone).

Why does the county want an adjacent easement to an existing Right of Way?  Why does the county want an easement that restricts the Public?



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