Posted by: lokahipath | August 27, 2010

Kauai County Council approves new Lepeuli easement

Kauai County Council has accepted a $10 offer for a brand new public easement to Larsen’s Beach!!! 

Instead of maintaining the less-steep Public Right Of Way (that has been owned for over 30 years) the county council voted to accept a more restrictive easement that enables Paradise Ranch to be one step closer to being able to fence off the Alaloa. 

Paradise Ranch has a condition in the CDU permit that requires Paradise Ranch
“work with the County to define and improve the existing legal access way to Lepeuli beach.” 

This legal access way was created n 1979 (not 2010). The County-owned mauka/makai Right-of-Way is the legal access referred to in the CDU approval (dated Feb 16 2010).NOT an easement afterthought created in August 2010.

This is the new easement purchased for $10 adjacent to the county owned Right of Way.


The new easement (still owned by Waioli Corp) is twice as steep as the already County owned Right of Way.

This is not afamily friendly access. It is not DUCK SOUP. 

Coucnilmember Derek Kawakami stated he could not let this easement go. “It was like leaving money on the table. You cannot leave money on the table. ” 

Money on the table???!! 

This is the worst $10 deal since Jimmy Pflueger sold KICO to Tom Hitch for $10 weeks before Ka Loko blew…



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