Posted by: lokahipath | August 6, 2010

Paradise Ranch Changes Field 12 plans!!

Over 6 months after the comment period closed on this project Paradise Ranch has changed the configuration of Field 12 and expanded it further into the county SMA.

Paradise Ranch used excavators to install a new fenceline – during the time Laysan albatross were present.

Protect the Albatross nest "WHEN THE NEED ARISES"!!!

Laysan Albatross moved to Alaloa in Lepeuli

Paradise Ranch committed to”Protect the Albatross nest “WHEN THE NEED ARISES”!! This bird has had it’s nest area excavated by a federally funded project. This constitutes a “TAKE” of a federally protected migratory species.

Many people have requested the map of the latest configuration of Field 12 in Lepeuli.

New configuration of Field 12 in Lepeuli

This map is dated 8 February 2010 yet it details work completed on 23 April 2010. This map and the change in configuration and acreage of Field 12 was not submitted to the BLNR at the 13 May 2010 meeting. The map submitted to the BLNR

Contact NRCS and DLNR. Request this project be rejected due to the errors and negative impacts.



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