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Police Block Public Access on DLNR land in Kapaa

Police Block Public Access

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SOURCE: Kimo Rosen (

Kimo Rosen has been harassed by Kauai police for using public trail to cross DLNR land in Kapaa.

By Kimo Rosen on 7 July 2010 –

For those of you who follow my blog I have not heard back from the Kauai Police Chief Daryl Perry concerning the local police harassing me, I am therefore going viral and want as many people as humanly possible to know of this abuse. Enough is enough.

There is a new youth center that is being renovated behind Mahelona hospital, it is the old Civic Duty Center. Many of our local police have donated their efforts to renovating this project. Near it runs a trail through public land managed by the Department of Land & Natural Resouces (DLNR).

Many people have been using the trail, since Kawaihau Road is a safety hazard to walk or bike on with no appropriate shoulder or sidewalk. In fact the little dirt on the side of the road is massively littered with broken glass. I know one senior citizen male who has been using this trail for 21 years for his shopping needs in Kapa’a.

The whole drama started because Lt. Michael Contrades ordered his volunteers to block the trail-head behind the new KPAL youth center being renovated by local police.

This trail has been used by school, avid bikers, joggers, walkers, and anyone wanting to avoid walking Kawaihau Road between Kuhio Highway and Mahelona Hospital.

Kawauihau Road in that section has no shoulder and is a suicide walk or bike ride with many blind spots, the little dirt on the side is littered with broken glass.

Last week the local police blocked the trail-head which leads to the DLNR property, the police were asked to remove the debris and they did, making the trail accessible again with a “no camping sign,” not a no trespassing sign.

I had asked Marvin Mikasa at the local Lihue DLNR if this was legal, he said it’s not actually a designated trail in the system but he knows many people have been using it for years.

After Mr. Mikasa saw my photos of the trail head blockage on 6-21-10, he emailed them to Honolulu. It was the Honolulu office of DLNR that ordered the police to not block the trail-head and to remove all the debris that was blocking it.

A new sign has been put up on the DLNR property. It specifies no camping, but nowhere does it say no trespassing or access across the parcel.

Since the DLNR has posted “No Camping” signs, but not no trespass signs, as I understand they don’t encourage people to use the trail but know of it’s popular usage with the safety hazards of Kawaihau Road.

It is my feeling that because I contacted the DLNR that Lt. Contrades didn’t like that, hence the harassment of ordering three squad cars, 3 officers and 2 video camera’s to deliver a warning of no trespass taking close to one hour.

Note they can’t do anything about the trail itself, but they have posted signs in front of their building that say no trespass, they are cheap ace hardware type signs, I would photograph them but the cops are out working now and if I am seen within 25 yards of the facility I have been threatened with arrest.

The clincher, you need to go through the youth center area to access the trail. You can still access the trail from the bottom of Kawaihau Road, just don’t go through to the top.

On Friday July 2, 2010 at approximately 9:00 A.M. 3 police officers and three squad cars come to my residence to give me a warning of trespass that I have been seen walking my bike on this trail. I ask why does it take 3 officers and 3 squad cars to deliver a warning to a peaceful senior? I also ask them to put down their two video camera’s and they refused, I therefore get out my video camera and filmed the three officers harassing me. I am embarrassed as all my neighbors peer through their curtains looking at 3 squad cars parked in front of my residence.

There’s murderer’s and drug dealers out there on the first major county furlough where they are short officers and they send 3 of them to harass and bully me for close to one hour.

They wanted me to sign the warning, I refused…

Many other people are using this trail, why I am the only one being harassed.

Below are videos I shot of the police actions at my home. Does what transpired seem to require three police officers, two squad cars all the equipment and an hour’s time on the first county furlough Friday? Couldn’t our police force have a higher priority target?

I am publicly asking KPD for an apology in writing signed by the appropriate command in charge and to make a safe alternative avail to all who have been using this trail.

Every day I cannot use that trail is another day I am putting my life at risk by having to resort to use Kawaihau Road and the steep trail.

I am asking Kauai Mayor Carvalho to help me. I am being singled out and harassed. I do not know why a senior citizen who has many medical problems is being given such a hard time?

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