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Nude Cattle at Larsen’s Beach Fight for Bovine Freedom

July 12 2010

Dear HeartBeat of Kauai,

I was shocked to hear that there will be nude cattle visible from Larsen’s Beach.

I visit the beach with my children and I don’t think it is appropriate to have nude cattle, with their sex organs exposed, visible for children to see.

Further, when they let bulls into the pasture for the purpose of impregnating the cattle, not only will the bulls sex organs be visible in an aroused state, my children will have to witness the cattle/bull sex act, without proper warning.

This is terrible and extremely offensive to children. What damage to our childrem will this have on them?

There needs to be a fence that blocks out the cattle from view. There also needs to be a warning sign stating, “Beyond this sign, you may encounter nude cattle. Also nude cattle and bulls precreating, ahead..”

They need to bring back the effort to put clothing on animals that are visible to the public.

I am not recommending Victoria Secrets style, but a good set of boxers for the bulls and bloomers for the cattle will help stop the exposure of these animals sex organs to children.

We must protect our children from the excesses of the greedy cattle ranchers.

As a parent, I am calling for legislation to enact an amendment to the existing Childrens Protection Laws.

Cladius Peabody
Concerned Parent
Child Protection Advocate



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