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Another New Map. Another New Plan

It seems Paradise Ranch’s Never Ending Story is continuing to change.

First the public was told No Affect to Historic Properties. No History. No Hawaiian Presence since Abner Wilcox acquired the land in 1850’s. No Threatened or Endangered Species. . There will 200 foot Bovine Free Buffer Zone makai. Only Hand Tools – no machinery in Field 12. The coastal Alaloa in Lepeuli leaves the coast and is located over a mile and a half inland – only in Lepeuli not in the adjacent ahupua`a. No mention of the Hawaiian community residents or the later Japanese community or the presence of schools. No mention of sugar plantation operations.

Now it seems Paradise Ranch and Don Wilson acknowledge the presence of Endangered Species. Good thing – we have a few new green sea turtle nests at Lepeuli Beach. And a few monk seal pups born at Lepeuli this year. And significant Laysan albatross presence. Field 12 has been brushhogged (by a machine not by hand)beyond the hi wash of the waves. There were significant numbers of Hawaiians present for hundreds of years – including the 3 individuals re-buried by SHPD into the proposed pasture. Now cows are proposed to “pulse graze” the slopes of Field 12.

The proposed fence line has been changed – without notice to the public or BLNR. Fencing was installed when albatross were present – against the recommendations of USFWS – and there was obvious wildlife response.
4-23-10 fence in Lepeuli

The SMA permit must be adjusted to consider the presence of these species and the significant reproductive habitat importance of this stretch of beach. There were significant numbers of Hawaiians present until the early 1930’s – then Japanese residents of Field 12.

The biggest confusion lies around the supposed offer by Waioli to the County of Kauai for the Alaloa. Ron Agor and Don Wilson both have repeatedly stated that the “County was offered the lateral trail (Alaloa) and they refused because they didn’t want the liability.” Everybody involved supposedly agreed that the steep rocky easement was the preferred path. Who decided this? For Whom?



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