Posted by: lokahipath | July 2, 2010

Will the New Proposed County Easement at Lepeuli only be for Daylight Hours?

Here is the current proposal for an additional easement at Lepeuli.Grant of Easement

Please ask County Council to personally visit this trail easement before making this important decision. How many council members do you think would be able to uses this steep easement being considered for Public Access?

This “easement” was a trail created in response to an illegal fence being constructed and blocking off the gradual County Right-Of-Way at Lepeuli (which was purchased from Waioli Corporation i 1978).

Very few people could have constructed this fence (without permits in the Conservation District) – access and initiative could probably have come from adjacent property owners. The adjacent property owners have known this tresspass fence was blocking public access.

Instead of maintaining the existing County Right-Of-Way (which we own) Waioli is recommending that the county acquire a very steep easement over uneven boulders – some 3 feet high.

This easement is not Family Friendly or ADA Trail accessible. This new trail would have to comply with ADA and PASH access requirements.

This consideration for a new easement (right next to the County Right-Of-Way) is being made without input from the community. There has been no public hearings or meetings on this new consideration. User groups have not been contacted for comment.

Please write the Mayor and County Council. Tell them what trail you use now. Which trail you think you will be able to use 10 years from now. Ask them to personallly visit the site before making this decision.

Remember the importance of the Alaloa. Neither mauka/makai consideration is intended to replace the lateral coastal Alaloa that circumnavigates Kauai.



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