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Paradise Ranch prefers to have cattle defecating on Hawaiian Graves

This letter was sent to OHA yesterday requesting their involvement in protecting the re-burials at Lepeuli. The location of the re-burial of 3 individuals by SHPD was not adequately mapped on this project.

Members of the Kanaka Community at the Oahu BLNR hearing on May 13 expressed their sentiments very clearly “Would you want cows shitting all over the soldier’s graves at Arlington National Cemetery?”

Federal funds should not be used to subsidize this fence which will allow commercial pasturage of the conservation district including human re-burial sites and ancient housesites. Keeping the cows mauka of the reburials is an insignificant impact on a 600 acre cattle operation. Allowing them to defecate on human remains is unconscionable – even if it is what Paradise Ranch and Don Wilson prefer.

June 30, 2010

Hope Kallai
Malama Moloa`a
POB 655
Kilauea, HI 96754

Clyde Nāmu’o
Chief Executive Officer
Office of Hawaiian Affairs
711 Kapi’olani Blvd., Suite 500
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: (808) 594-1835
Fax: (808) 594-1865

RE: Re-location of fence to avoid 3 Re-Burials
CDUA Permit Application 3525
Lepeuli, Ko`olau District, Kauai

Aloha no Mr. Nāmu’o and OHA:

I am sorry to keep contacting you about the federally funded Paradise Ranch project Lepeuli. There are many mis-conceptions and inaccuracies that need consideration.

• SHPD has ruled “No Affect” to Historic Properties without considering the continual Hawaiian habitation (including kuleana with houselots) of this ahupua`a for many hundreds of years.

• SHPD has failed to consider the Hawaiian presence of habitation sites, and social constructs of schools, churches, stores, and cemeteries as well as proto-historic sugar plantation era developments including roads, ditches, flumes and railroads and the beach house of luna C. David Larsen.

• Cattle have caused the exposure of 3 individuals’ remains from Lepeuli. SHPD has re-interred these 3 people into the area which will be a federally subsidized cattle pasture.

When asked by BLMR Representative Dr. Sam Gon if the fence could be re-located mauka of the reburial site, they answered that they have not been asked to do that. From the minutes of the BLNR meeting of May 13, 2010:

“Member Gon asked whether it is completely out of the question to adjust the fence away from the slope and the conservation district. Mr. Wilson answered in the negative and said that was not what was requested and that was not what was approved. There are other issues but that is their preference.”

The existence of and the location of the re-burials was not included in the original CDUA documents. The exact fenceline location was not included in the CDUA documents until well after the closing date for comments. There is no known burial treatment plan nor recommendation to avoid the planned ripping, pitting and soil contouring of the area of these reinterrments.

Can OHA please request that the fenceline be located mauka of the re-burial site of 3 individuals (by SHPD) so the commercial cattle operation will not deposit manure on these graves? It is unconscionable to allow this federally funded project to enable manure deposition on human remains. A burial treatment plan (with proper map) should include avoidance of machinery and herbicides in this area.

This project needs full consideration by a Cultural Impact Assessment. Lepeuli is a treasure of cultural and environmental resources and deserves scrutiny, respect, and protection.

Thank you for your immediate response to this request. The reconsideration time for the CDUA permit is closing soon.

Mahalo in advance for speaking for the `iwi kupuna of Lepeuli.

Hope Kallai



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