Posted by: lokahipath | June 30, 2010

County Council to consider a new access at Larsen’s instead of fixing the existing trail!

Aloha – The County Council is considering acquiring a new (very steep) easement at Lepeuli – instead of maintaining the (gradual) existing 10 foot wide County Right Of Way. The new easement would be owned (and controlled) by Waioli Corp and lessee Paradise Ranch (Bruce Laymon). The County Right-of-Way (which is now overgrown with milo) should be accessible every day and night.

Why should the county acquire an easement right next to a trail that we already own? Request the county fulfill it’s obligation to the public by maintaining them county-owned existing trail NOT acquiring an easement (permission to pass – not ownership)

Please voice your comments to the Council or the Mayor and attend next week’s county council meeting on Wednesday July 7 at 8:30 am. The agenda is available here

County Council Agenda 7-7-2010



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