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Minutes of the May 13th BLNR meeting have finally been released!

The minutes for the May 13, 2010 meeting are finally available.  The whole May 13 2010 BLNR minuites should be read (Paradise Ranch CDUA from Page 4 to page 20.

The following order of speakers  are included:

Dave Frankel

Linda & David Sproat

Don Wilson & Bruce Laymon

Moise & Bob Schlecht

Colin Yost

Rayne Regush

Carl Berg

Lani Kawahara

Gary Hooser

Amelia Gora

Don Wilson

Kapua Sproat

There are a few very glaring misconceptions being discussed.

1.      The coastal Alaloa is located on Ko`olau Road in Lepeuli

2.      There has been no Hawaiian presence in Lepeuli since 1850’s.

3.      Lepeuli makai lands are pasturelands and have always been pasture since 1850.

4.      There is a ravine in Lepeuli that precludes the existence of the Alaloa.

5.      The County Right-of-Way is accessible.

6.      The County (& community) do not want the Alaloa.

7.      This proposal included Cattle grazing (and defecating) on Human Graves

These misconceptions need to be corrected.  County Council needs to be made aware of the discussion to purchase an easement next to the (already owned) County Right 0f Way at Larsen’s Beach.  Failure to maintain access on county lands should not require purchase of an additional easement.  There is no boulder-fall blocking the County Right of Way.  The lateral access on the Alaloa is the only Family-Friendly access available to Ka`aka`aniu Reef and Larsen’s Beach.  This important ancient trail has never been closed.  It should never be closed.

Why can’t the fence be moved above the re-interrments and mauka of the Alaloa?  Waioli prefers to have cattle defecating on human remains?

A 60 day period of reviewing the Paradise Ranch permit began on May 13, 2010.  please make your comments known to dlnr and Kauai county council.



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