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BLNR Hearing May 13 Oahu

To all people who care specifically about Larsens beach, or conservation in general, I ask for all the love and energy you can send on Thursday May 13th. The BLNR on Oahu are hearing presentations about Larsens and what is happening there by several different organizations, some of which have filed law suits to try and stop Mr. Laymon from running his cattle pasture all the way to the beach. If the BLNR are moved by what they hear, they can remove the permit that was issued. YES!

Besides cutting off traditional access, the following are all things that have occurred since the permit was issued:

Mr. Laymon has removed Native Hawaiian plants in the sand makai of the fence line, specifically Naupaka, Pohinahina, and Pohuehue. The permit does not call for the removal of Native plants in the sand.

He has removed Heliotrope in the sand makai of the fenceline that Monk seals used to rest under. A seal was born at Larsens on June 9th of this year, at the South end where Mr. Laymon has not yet started cutting. It was pupped right underneath a Heliotrope that he has not yet cut down, as evidenced by the placenta left there. Even though these trees are not Native, there ARE no native trees left there and these trees have become Endangered Species habitat. The permit does not call for the removal of Endangered Species habitat in the sand.

He has now mowed ALL the vegetation from the fenceline to within 20 feet of the turtle nest that hatched last summer. The permit calls for 110 foot buffer from the shoreline.

He has in several places left NO vegetation between the high wash of the waves and where he has mowed. Again, the permit calls for a 110 foot buffer from the shoreline.

In a letter to DLNR dated Oct. 22nd 2009 asking them to reconsider this permit, State Aquatic Biologist Don Heacock stated that “The coral reef in this area (Larsens beach) is now the most pristine coral reef system on Kauai now that Pila’a has been significantly degraded.” The same things were done at Pila’a that Mr. Laymon is now doing on the Lepeuli property. And so the reef in front of this property faces the same danger unless something is done to stop Mr. Laymon.

This place can still be saved.

Thank you for your care.



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