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Larsen’s Beach Visitor confronted and threatened by Bruce Laymon

May 5, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Below you will find an email I wrote to a friend on Saturday March 6, 2010 following an encounter with Bruce Laymon.  I have waited this long to make this account  public because at the time my wife and I had 3 weeks remaining of vacation, we were renting near the Larsens Beach road, we walked  Koolau road and Larsen’s Beach access road daily and were afraid we would run into either Bruce Laymon or one of his hired hands again. He was very threatening.

Sent: Saturday, March 06, 2010 9:33 PM

Subject: today at Larsens

This morning about 9:30am and was on the lateral trail where the trail becomes a road.

A man who identified himself as Bruce Laymon got out of a dump truck and confronted me.

He said ” you are on private property and you know it, I am going to take your picture and the next time we see you on our property we will have you arrested”. He was agitated, threatening and confrontational. He did not take my picture at this time but did yell at some workers to remember me if I came back on their property.

He accused me of being part of the group vandalizing his equipment and taking pictures and stirring up trouble. I had no idea about the damage to the equipment until the afternoon when I got the newspaper and saw today’s story.

I did not respond aggressively but did ask him several times if he really was B.L. I had no idea who he was other than his word. I then got off the lateral trail and went down on the beach and walked to the picnic table on the north end.

A little while later I walked back down south on the beach a hundred yards or so and was talking to 2 guys I see there alot. We were on the sand not too far from the grass line. The guy who said he was Bruce Laymon came down on to the sand and started yelling at me again. He took my picture with a disposable camera and asked me for my name. When I smiled for the picture he said, “you better watch out, you think this is funny.”  He was yelling about how he was going to have 50 Hawaiians down here next week and they were going to take the beach back. “You watch and see, we will run you haoli’s out of here. That’s all you fucking haoli’s do is come down here, get naked, and leave all kinds of shit back here in woods.” He also yelled about how his entire crew was family and that’s why they were doing this work, to reclaim the beach for their family and the Hawaiians.

I tried to calm him down and talk to him but he was having none of that. He kept accusing me of stirring up trouble. He also said that I was spreading lies through the newspaper.

Nice aloha spirit,


The above is a true and honest narrative of my encounter on March 6, 2010.

When I was confronted I was on a trail that I have used hundreds of times over the past seven years. There was a large truck, several pickups, guys with chain saws, and other large machinery clearing right up to the beach sand. I did not think that was right.  I had taken pictures of the clearing work previous days, shared them with locals, and at least one of my pictures was in The Garden Island newspaper. I don’t know how they got it.

My wife and I are 62 year old retirees and have been coming to Kauai each winter for a month or two. We have real reservations about spending our vacation dollars on Kauai in the future.  Just the lodging and rental car taxes for our two month’s on island this year were over $1,300. Larsen’s Beach is a unique natural treasure and the Larsen’s Beach experience is one that attracts a great deal of tourist revenue to Kauai.  I hope it is protected for future generations.

Dennis L. Bosio



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