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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service comments about Paradise Ranch fencing

According to Brenda Zaun USFWS biologist for Kilauea Point National Wildliife Refuge from 2002-2008:

Predation by dogs is the foremost cause of decimating albatross colonies on Kauai. Every albatross nest area on Kauai that is not protected by dog-proof fencing has suffered dog predation.

Ms. Zaun states:

This letter is to document that Laysan albatross do indeed nest there (Waioli property in Lepeuli) and to provide recommendations to your office for the protection of these birds.

Her recommendations include:
1. Construction of the fence when albatross are not present (August September and October).

2. Cattle should be excluded from the nest area under the ironwoods.

3. Construction of dog-proof fencing inclosing the nest area.

4. Fence designed to not inhibit fledgling “runways”.Moli

Laysan Albatross are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) which prohibits “take” of a protected bird and it’s eggs. “Take” is considered as pursuing wounding harassing killing shooting trapping capturing or collecting any protected species.

Laysan Albatross are listed among Hawaii’s Species of Greatest Conservation Need; are considered Vulnerable by BirdLife International (2007); are Threatened in Mexico and are listed as a Bird of Conservation Concern (USFWS 2002).

Read USFWS commets from Brenda Zaun



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