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Please help to preserve public access on historic trail to Larsen’s Beach

Safe access to secluded Lepeuli (Larsen’s Beach) is threatened.

We’re seeking to preserve public access on the existing ancient trail leading to the beach and along the pristine coastline – keeping the alaloa intact and open to all.

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The traditional coastal trail (alaloa) through the ahupua’a of Lepeuli and to Ka`aka`aniu Reef (Larsen’s Beach), used by Hawaiians for subsistence fishing, gathering and cultural practices for many generations, is being blocked for a commercial beef cattle enterprise.
On Feb 16, 2010 the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) inappropriately approved a permit for Waioli Corporation’s lessee, Paradise Ranch, to graze cattle in 18 acres of conservation land next to the beach. The rancher already has cattle operations in the adjacent 600 acres.

This regrettable decision will have significant environmental impacts and threaten coastal and cultural resources. Cattle fencing will block public access along the alaloa – the through trail between ahupua’a – as well as to Larsen’s Beach. It is the only safe access.

Lawyers have been retained to appeal DLNR’s decision and the Kaua’i Group Sierra Club, Surfrider Foundation and others have contributed toward legal fees (which are deeply discounted) but a significant amount still needs to be raised.

Within days of the appeal, Paradise Ranch was engaged in activities that were in non-compliance with their permit. These actions prompted the lawyers to request a cease and desist from DLNR. On March 5, uniformed  guards told people not to use the historic lateral trail to get to the beach.

Please contribute generously to help preserve public access.
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Or to make a tax deductible donation, please write a check to “Sierra Club Foundation” and mail to: Sierra Club Kaua’i Group, P.O. Box 3412, Lihue, HI 96766.

Mahalo for helping with this critical issue!

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